Project Description

American Family Insurance

Audrey Quint is an Insurance Specialist for American Family Insurance with extensive knowledge of and experience with a variety of different products but has a penchant for commercial lines of insurance. Audrey began with American Family after leaving her longtime career in event planning. Her passion for insurance spouted when she held a corporate sales management position for AmFam’s Northern Nevada corporate office which then led to her acquiring a sales position. She loves the insurance industry and looks forward to a lifelong career helping her clients protect all of the people and things that matter most to them.Audrey joined YPN to surround herself with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who see the value in coming together to help the community flourish. Audrey is also part of Big Brothers Big Sisters as a “Big” and is a member for The Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador to the community. Outside of work Audrey enjoys hiking, running, cooking (and savoring) a delicious meal, and getting a good daily laugh in.