Justus Wendland serves as the HAVA Administrator in the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Before moving to Nevada in 2012, Justus held the same position in the Montana Secretary of State’s office. Justus is responsible for legal compliance and management of Nevada’s federal elections pursuant to the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and related federal and state voting rights laws. Justus is 20 years in this role and is nationally recognized for innovation and technological advancements in the election process.

Justus grew up farming and ranching in north-central Montana and graduated from Carroll College, Montana, in Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing.

In his free time, if there is such a thing, Justus is active with his son Bryden, age 6, golfing, running, and boating. To connect with Justus: LinqApp.com/Justus_Wendland or Linkedin.com/JustusWendland