01 Apr

The Sushi Rule

AAndrews collageI never understood networking or sushi until I received a scholarship to Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network from United Federal Credit Union. The celebratory YPN/UFCU dinner at Hiroba Sushi taught me to be brave when meeting new people and trying new foods. With this lesson in hand, I had a blast at YPN’s Annual Party, something I could not have done before. And, when I was invited to the microphone to accept the Most Outstanding Senior Award from University of Nevada Reno’s College of Business, I knew I could do that too. No matter what life brings, YPN and UFCU have given me a tool to respond: the sushi rule. Go for it; it cannot be as scary as eating raw fish with strangers, and that turned out wonderfully!

{Pictured here Top: YPN Annual Party photo booth picture and name badge. Bottom middle: Group YPN Annual Party “Network with purpose” scavenger hunt Instagram submission. Bottom left and right: Outstanding Senior Award.)


Ashley Andrews is Administrative Assistant for the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. She was selected by United Federal Credit Union last year as a recipient of one of their first round of sponsored membership ‘scholarships’. 


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