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The form you just submitted has been received by the Twenty Under 40 selection team. We appreciate the information provided and will let you know if additional information is needed.

What Happens Next?

After you’ve successfully submitted your nomination and payment for the Twenty Under 40 Awards program, our dedicated selection committee swings into action. They meticulously review each nomination, assessing the nominee’s accomplishments, contributions to the community, and overall impact. The selection process is thorough and unbiased, ensuring that every nominee is given fair consideration.

How to Ensure Your Nominee is Recognized:

To maximize the chances of your nominee being recognized and celebrated for their achievements, consider these steps:

  1. Thorough Nomination: Craft a well-rounded and comprehensive nomination that highlights both professional successes and community contributions.
  2. Data and Facts: Include quantifiable achievements, awards, and recognitions to provide a complete picture of your nominee’s impact.
  3. Follow Best Practices: Adhere to the provided best practices for nominations to present your nominee in the best possible light.
  4. Nominee Acceptance: If your nominee is selected as a finalist, ensure they confirm their commitment to the program.
  5. Finalist Party and Awards Event: Encourage your nominee to attend the Finalist Party in October and the prestigious Awards Event in January. Your support can make a difference.

Thank you for your dedication to recognizing exceptional young professionals in the Reno/Tahoe area. Your nomination contributes to the vibrancy of our community and inspires positive change. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us at Your involvement is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of these deserving individuals.

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