How you choose to live your life impacts your financial security. If you want a more secure future (and who doesn’t), take a close look at the choices you make. Positive changes now could significantly improve your financial future.

Your Career
If you are not completely satisfied with your responsibilities, salary or career path, it’s never too late to switch careers. You may need to refresh your skills or go back to school for additional training. Or, you may want to stay in the same field but change employers. Update your resume periodically and make sure your skills keep pace with innovations in your career field. A long period of unemployment could destroy your financial security.

Your Housing Costs
While owning your own home is the American dream, being house poor is a nightmare for some Americans. The square footage of the average American home has grown steadily over the past several decades and so have the costs. If your mortgage, taxes and maintenance expenses deplete a large part of your income, consider moving to a smaller house. What you save in housing costs could be significant over the long term.

Your Debt Load
With credit card offers arriving in the mail daily, it’s easy to get trapped in a vicious cycle of buying on credit and paying only the minimum every month. Soon, you’re paying more in interest than your purchase actually cost. Over time, credit card debt can have a devastating impact on your finances. But you can stop the cycle by paying off your balances and using cash for new purchases.

Your Insurance Coverage
Unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes cars crash, houses get struck by lightning and people get hurt. Skimping on insurance could lead to financial ruin. Protect yourself and your assets with adequate insurance. In addition to home, auto and medical insurance, make sure you also consider disability insurance. If you are unable to work, disability insurance may replace a substantial part of your income.


2014Nicole A. Silverio, MBA is a Financial Advisor at First Command Financial Services in Reno, NV. This article was written by Newkirk, and it is intended to promote the professional services of the First Command. First Command Financial Services, Inc. is the parent company of First Command Financial Planning, Inc. Investment products and services, including securities products are offered by First Command Financial Planning, Inc. (Member SIPC, FINRA). A financial plan, by itself, cannot assure that retirement or other financial goals will be met.