1. Tell us about your business? We’ve been together for 5 years, we officially launched as Maslow Creative this year, but have been creating design and development magic as Right to Rank long before that. Our specialty first and foremost is building websites, but helping businesses grow is another key piece of what we do. We help businesses market their products and services using data-driven strategies. We understand what demographic we want to target, we use specific messaging that will resonate with the buyer and we know what platform the defined campaign will thrive on. We use everything from email marketing, social media marketing, and Google ads, all with the goal of helping our client’s businesses grow.
    2. What is unique about your business? Every business owner wants to respond, “we care more.” Easy to say and harder to do. We care about the outcome of your business. We care about the return on investment from a well-crafted campaign. We measure sales, leads, and revenue, among a whole bunch of other campaign metrics that help us understand the quality of business we are sending your way. We help you define a marketing plan, long term strategy and nail down figures like customer lifetime value (CLV). Our focus on a daily basis is how do we provide more value for our clients, and this shows through the partnership we create.
    3. If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself before starting your business? Your business will become your life, your obsession. You need to be in love with what you do, you need to have the passion to push the ball forward even on days when it’s hard. So choose an industry that you can give your all to.
    4. What is your favorite thing about Reno and the local community? We love the people; friends, partners, neighbors. We love the local events; Food Truck Friday, Art Town, the Rib Cook-Off. And in times like these, we love seeing our community come together to support each other and the local businesses they love!
    5. What has your business been doing to stay busy during the pandemic? We realized in March when non-essential businesses were forced to close up shop, that business owners who did not have some type of online platform were going to have a hard time staying afloat. We wanted to figure out how we could help them continue business operations, and since we are a digital agency, we stuck to what we know. We built out an easy to assemble online store that could be offered at as close to free as we can make it.

We’re offering companies a digital checkout, a way they can follow good social distancing practices, but also keep themselves and their employees working. This platform can be used by bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, and clothes or other apparel stores. Essentially any business with a product to sell and a desire to offer a germ-free checkout experience.