My life has revolved around Mountain Bikes since as long as I have had control over it. From 9 years old, when bicycling only consisted of racing, jumping and my preferred form of transportation, it has been my advantage and catalyst for a better life. Evolving to different genres of the sport, the highlights of my career on the bike has consisted of a World Championship, two ESPN specials and an ESPN Newton Award. Through the years of dedication and 13 surgeries on the bike, the resources obtained have paid off in dividends, giving me the opportunity to start Sensus- a bicycle component and clothing company; Sensus R.A.D Trails- a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to building more progressive trail networks; YT Industries (USA Division)- A direct-to-consumer mountain bike brand based in Reno ; The  Freeride Union of Mountain Bikers- a group formed to eliminate contest organizers power of taking advantage of the athletes; and producing my first event and TV show, “Cam Zink’s Biggest Little Fest”, an ABC one-hour special filmed in Reno, promoting the outdoor lifestyle of “America’s Adventure Place.”