Since 2017, Chris has served as the Workforce Development and Education Lead at Tesla. Based at Gigafactory 1, his responsibilities include managing Tesla’s $37.5 million K-12 education investment fund a multi-year program that supports STEM education in Nevada. He collaborates with state education leaders, government officials and non-profits to determine annual fund recipients.

Chris is devoted to Nevada’s education initiatives and has partnered with nine organizations within the first year of managing the investment fund. He has worked alongside FIRST Nevada, committing time to establish robotics programs in Nevada schools; The Envirolution, Inc., teaching students the importance of energy efficiency; DRI, training infrastructure to teachers state-wide; Sierra Nevada Journeys, introducing Girls in STEM camp to young women from lower socioeconomic households; Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates, developing needed skills within students; Energetics Education, Inc., piloting a Solar Rollers program to challenge high school teams to build solar-powered cars; and garnering relationships with the Nevada Museum of Art; Department of Education; UNR; UNLV; TMCC and others.