Meghan is employed as a skiing & CrossFit coach & owns 3 LLC’s. Two are based in NV. Through Meghan’s Musings, she shares stories of travel, fitness, entrepreneurship & advocacy. Skiing is Believing “promotes, supports, & eases access to (snow)sports.” Meghan is devoted to empowering people through movement. SIB operates children’s camps with an emphasis on the underserved. Kids participate in a variety of sports & volunteer with nonprofits. SIB operates a mobile ski slope for year-round use & is building an indoor ski facility. “The Biggest Little Ski Hill” will operate high tech simulators, & slopes. The facility will have a fitness center for snow specific fitness & a CrossFit gym for overall fitness. Meghan serves on two boards & is about to launch a new campaign, ‘Cause Girl’ to bring funds, & attention, to various social issues related to women, children, animal welfare, & the environment. It will feature groups she has personally encountered in her travels creating positive, social, & economic, change.