A few years back I had the opportunity to attend the CUES School of Applied Strategic Management™. The program was fantastic. It was led by John Oliver an amazing speaker with a passion for strategic management. I spoke to John between classes and was really impressed with his wisdom and knowledge. John’s career in finance has spanned for more than thirty years. To say that he has experience is an understatement. Since then I have stayed connected with John. We have exchanged emails occasionally and he has shared some great advice. I have heard it said that experience is only good the second time around. While I enjoy that saying, I prefer the saying that the wise learn from the experience of others. Growing your network nationally can accelerate your success. Here are a few tips to grow your network nationally.

  • Join a national organization – Since joining CUES I have had direct access to amazing conferences and schools. At these events I not only get to meet leaders in the industry, but I also get to meet other executives from around the country. These contacts bring with them their experiences and wisdom. The bonus blessing is you may be able help someone avoid a mistake you have made
  • Ring Ring! – Let’s say you are an entrepreneur who is trying to make a name for yourself. You have a great product but are not sure on how to grow and market your business. Take a moment and go on google. Search your line of business and find someone who is outside of your market who is highly rated. Then give them a call. Be honest, tell them who you are, what you do. Let them know how you found them online and chose to call them because they are someone you would like to mirror your company after. It may take a few calls, but the benefit when you find someone who is willing to network with you and share from their experiences is priceless
  • Stay connected – We all know people within our existing network who have moved away. These connections should not be overlooked. While they are not in your immediate market their experiences continue to grow. These relationships are perfect for sharing trends and opportunities

Having a national network is just another way to increase your knowledge, skills, and success. I have enjoyed sharing some tips that I have used for networking and hope you found value in them. As with any tips it is up to you to make them your own. Be creative, test the boundaries, and grow greatly.

Danny DelarosaDanny DeLaRosa is Market VP of United Federal Credit Union, but sees himself as a servant Leader that enjoys making a difference in this company and community. He can be found at various community events from RTYPN to WIN to the Chamber. Boss, mentor and all around great guy, look for Danny at events and be sure to say ‘Hi!’.