Stephanie Keating (2)“Being a leader is not about you. It’s about the people that are on your team and how you can help them be successful.” ~ Susan Vobejda

This quote speaks to me on multiple levels. As the president of a board, you are given an opportunity to lead and it is how you lead that will define the legacy you leave behind. I am a firm believer in shared leadership. I believe my most important role as president has been to model the shared values of the organization. Through dedication, passionate work, and the continual drive to improve, the Reno Tahoe Young Professionals Network (YPN) Board was able to accomplish the most amazing tasks this past year. Each board member oversaw a committee where they recruited committee members, developed and executed multiple events, and reflected on data/outcomes to keep improving our programs. Through my work with the board, we were able to take this already amazing organization to the next level.

Here is what we did:

  • Increased our membership dramatically – pushing past the 250 member mark; a long-time goal!!
  • Increased our sponsorship funds to a level to where committees can start to create budgets for implementing new programs and initiatives.
  • Reinvigorated our outreach to other organizations for collaborative event planning and exposure.
  • Took our Twenty Under 40 Program to a whole new level in 2014, then turned right around to push for an even more impactful program in 2015! This program gives us a chance to showcase, not only 20 amazing young professionals, but also what YPN can do as an organization, through our shared vision, hard work and partnerships.
  • And my most important accomplishment was hiring Jacki Hallerbach as our Executive Director

To circle back to my philosophy on leadership, I did not make all of this happen by being at the reigns; I did it by encouraging, mentoring and supporting the true movers and shakers; the board. I accomplished this by modeling the mission and vision of RTYPN: cultivating an informed and involved young professional community (the board), who in turn were able to retain and attract young and diverse talent.

As I finish my term as president, I want to thank everyone who allowed me to further develop my talents as a leader. I want to thank our generous sponsors who see the value in our organization; our members, who put their trust in me to make decisions that ultimately made their experiences as members worthwhile; and last but certainly not least, I thank our 2014/15 Board of Directors for their hard work, dedication and passion for this organization.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Stephanie Keating
2014-15 YPN Board President