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What Do You Love About Your Business?
Each day I have the opportunity to work alongside two brilliant and passionate colleagues as we align our passions (behavioral science and technology) to expand the human potential.

What Do You Get Out of Being a Member of YPN?
Mentorship and camaraderie unlike any other local networking organization.

What is your favorite special event in the region?
This is too hard to pin down. My passion lies in helping people get more or less of what they want in their life. As such, my day is literally filled with my favorite event 24/7. Its amazing.

Your favorite time of day is ________, because…
5 am. It’s quite and a fresh cup of coffee! (It’s typically the start to an extremely productive work session.)

If you could fix one problem in our community, what would it be?
Bringing the findings of over 55 years of behavioral science and technology of teaching that has never had a proper PR or marketing face. Our team at the Institute of Meaningful Instruction is aligned to help community leaders solve any human-related problem, from influencing group dynamics, providing effective training, to designing efficient data systems to answer the toughest human-related issues.

How would you fix it?
Through the use of over 55 years of behavioral science, learning science, technology and instructional design procedures.

If You Weren’t At Work Right Now, You’d Be …
Reading, spending quality time with loved ones, or exercising in some way (basketball, hiking, weight lifting, biking, snowboarding, etc.)

If You Could Take Anyone Out For a Cup of Coffee, Who Would It Be? Why?
Elon Musk. Elon’s vision of revolutionizing industries is inspiring. I would like to ask some specific questions about his vision of the importance of behavioral science. Specifically if he perceives it to play as large of a role as I do in solving the problems tat lie ahead.

To You, Networking is About …
Making a meaningful contact with another passionate professional.