aladdfbcardWhat do you love about your business?
First and foremost, I love the team we have assembled here at Whitney Peak. It is a pleasure to work with people that bring the type of passion displayed here everyday. Secondly, I love being a part of the new face and change in Reno. I love our city and this hotel is helping to bringing life back to downtown.

What do you get out of being a member of YPN?
I am a fairly new member, but I hope to gain new friendships and business partnerships that lead to mutually beneficial relationships.

What is your favorite special event in the region?
My favorite special event in the region has to be the Rib Cook Off. The reasons are obvious. Food.

If I weren’t at work right now, I’d be…
Riding my mountain bike in Tahoe, or at CrossFit Regulus.

My favorite time of day is…
Morning because I like getting up early and having a cup of coffee while reflecting on what lies ahead in my day.

If you could take anyone out for a cup of coffee, who would it be and why?
Miles Davis, I read his autobiography ‘Miles’ a few years back and I am completely fascinated with the life that he lead. He is arguably one of the most influential musicians of all time. I highly recommend reading it.

To me, networking is about…
Interacting with colleagues; forming new relationships; growing in our community.

If you could fix one problem in our community what would it be and how would you fix it?
If I could fix one problem in our community it would be the national perception of Reno. This is an issue we’ve heard a lot about over the last 5 to 10 years. While there are many initiatives being pursued to change the negative perception, the reality is Reno still has a lot of work to do. To fix this issue I would continue to drive the message that Reno is changing with the times. In my mind, the key demographic that needs to be targeted in changing our perception is Millennials. While many generations have a preconceived notion of what Reno has been, there is an opportunity to show the Millennial generation that Reno is exactly the type of city one should aspire to live, work and play in.

If you had to choose a ‘Walk Out’ song, what would it be?
My “Walk Out” song would be “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.