What does he love about his business? 
Brian loves that his business is always changing and that it never gets boring.

What do you get out of being a member of YPN? 
Brian enjoys the networking, as well as meeting new people that join and have moved from out of the area to our region.  It is also a great place to meet Young Professionals and great place to see new businesses thru Raise the Bars.

What is your favorite Special Event in the region?  
In the past few years it has become the Balloon Races; his kids enjoy getting up early to see the balloons.  He also really enjoys the Rib Cook-off.

If he wasn’t at work right now …
He would be preparing his snowboard for the winter so he could be up there all season.

His favorite time of day is early morning because it is his quiet time to focus on the day ahead and the perfect time to get in his workout.  Also, he has fewer emails to worry about early in the morning.

If you could take anyone out for a cup of coffee who would it be and why?  
Ray Pezonella because of his experience in the building industry.  Brian would like to know more about the building industry and how to grow it in the region.

To Brian, networking is about…
Meeting people and expanding horizons as well as getting new insights into other industries.

If he could fix one problem in our community …
Brian would fix the educational system, he would like to see action and good use of our money.  He sees a lot of talk and no action with the current school board.

What wild animal would he be…
A mountain lion, so he could be out enjoying the amazing outdoors and views from a new perspective.