What do you love about your business?
Robert loves helping people overcome challenges that are brought forth every day.  Getting people into their first home, dream home or moving on is always a pleasing feeling and one of satisfaction.

 What do you get out of being a member of YPN?
New contacts, friends and an energetic crowd that makes networking fun!

What is your favorite special event in the region?
Santa Crawl, Young Alumni Beerfest and Brews ‘N’ Blues

If I weren’t at work right now, I’d be….
On the golf course (though some may consider golf work) or having a cold one with friends.

My favorite time of day is…
The morning
he enjoys waking up to new challenges and having an entire day of the unknown.

To me, networking is about….
Creating relationships and strengthening existing relationships.

If you could fix one problem in our community, what would it be? 
The loitering problem in the downtown Riverwalk region.