What does he love about his business? 
Cory has been in the mortgage industry for over 7 years, he  was recruited into a management training program right out of school in 2007. As everyone knows, that was the start of a very tumultuous time in the business. What he loves the most about his business is the ability to educate customers and referral partners about the home purchase or refinancing process. Another aspect he loves is that his business changes on a daily basis. He must adapt to those changes and advise his customers accordingly …. there is never a dull moment.

What do you get out of being a member of YPN? 
The chance and ability to connect with other like minded individuals.

What is your favorite Special Event in the region?  
Best in the West Rib Cookoff

If he wasn’t at work right now …
on the golf course.

His favorite time of day is …
10 am
Because …
His brain seems to be waking up and he is at his peak performance level.

If you could take anyone out for a cup of coffee who would it be and why?  
His wife Lauren because they both are extremely busy, so getting some time in the AM to go to coffee with her would be awesome!

To Cory, networking is about…
Meeting people and find out those who we could create  common relationship with.  People do business with people they know and trust.  That takes time.  Creating relationships after the networking event is key.

If he could fix one problem in our community …
Entry level teacher pay levels should be higher to entice young professionals to think about this as a career.  The education of our children is such an important aspect to our community that if we could increase entry level teacher pay it would lead to more young professionals entering this profession.