York, Marilyn - PICLooking back, what does the Twenty under 40 Award mean to you?
It was the first time I had seen young people honored in a community and it made me proud – proud of our community as a whole and most of all, proud of the youth leaders for what we accomplished in our young age. I met amazing colleagues that I am still close to and it was my introduction to Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, that is now my heart and soul charity.

What have you accomplished in your professional and community efforts since receiving the award?
Since my award, I am now the acting Board President of Nevada Youth Empowerment Project and in charge of fundraising, mentoring and events, not to mention zoning and a whole lot more. It was the beginning of my charity work and I have personally donated more than $50,000 to local charity since; and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in foundation and community support for this charity and others. My eyes have been opened to the plight of local homeless youth, since receiving my award, and I am very driven to help see and be part of the solution and change for our youth in Reno. Additionally, my law practice has continued to thrive and I have received National recognition for my work in men’s rights.

Name three compelling characteristics of a Twenty under 40 Recipient: