What Do You Love About Your Business? I’m in the industry of people, and it’s always a great feeling when I get to go out and meet fresh faces. Whether it’s meeting a new client, connecting with a member of the community, or finding someone a job, I feel lucky that I get to meet and work with so many different individuals on the daily basis.

What Do You Get Out of Being a Member of RTYPN? It’s a great way to build relationships with young professionals in the Reno-Tahoe area. RTYPN has helped me meet motivated individuals that are giving 110% every day and help inspire me to be the best professional I can be.

What is Your Favorite Special Event in the Region? WIN Breakfasts every month are great. Not only do you get to connect and network with amazing professionals, but you also get to hear a very motivating speaker. Each time I’ve gone, I’m inspired to be a better person.

If You Weren’t At Work Right Now, You’d Be?  At a San Francisco Giants’ game or enjoying beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Your Favorite Time of Day Is: Bright and early in the morning

Because?  I feel that I can accomplish so much when I wake up early. It’s very refreshing and motivating to hit the ground running right as the sun is rising.

If You Could Take Anyone Out For a Cup of Coffee, Who Would It Be? My grandpa

Why? He passed away when I was very young, and I never had the opportunity to have a real conversation with him. From what I’ve been told, he was an amazing man who touched a lot of people’s lives.

To You, Networking is About?  Building great relationships. It helps spark a connection so much quicker than any phone call or email could ever do.

If You Could Fix One Problem in Our Community, What Would It Be? The disconnect between the University and the Community.

How Would You Fix It? I would encourage local businesses to support the University as much as possible. Also, I would do all I could to encourage as many individuals to attend sporting events to build a bigger fan base for the University’s athletics department.

If You Were a Wild Animal, Which One Would You Be and Why? Probably Miley Cyrus. She’s wild, she has fun, and she makes a boat load of money while doing it.

If You Were a Box of Cereal, What Would You Be and Why? Chocolate Cheerios because I want to be a fresh spin on an old classic. I feel that I’m hip and up-to-date with the times, but I’ve also been told I’m an old soul.

If There Was a Movie Produced About Your Life, Who Would Play You and Why? Ryan Gosling. I’ve always thought there was a slight resemblance between the two of us, but he’s also a great actor (especially as Noah in the Notebook).

What Was the Last Gift You Gave Someone? I gave my mom flowers.

A Penguin Walks Through the Door Right Now Wearing a Sombrero. What Does He Say and Why is He Here? “Hey wanna taco bout a good time?” He’s here to take me on an adventure of flavor to eat as many tacos as possible.

If You Had to Choose a “Walk Out” Song, What Would It Be? “Sugar” by Maroon 5 or “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.