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Pete Parker, 2008

Founder, Director

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Looking back, what does the Twenty under 40 Award mean to you?
This award meant a great deal to me. Though I still don’t think I deserve the award, it let me know that the impact we were making in the community was really starting to pay off. It also marked the beginning of much more community leadership.

What have you accomplished in your professional and community efforts since receiving the award?
Hmm, well, I married a fellow Twenty under 40 classmate…nothing can top that! Since then, I’ve served as board chair for more charitable organizations, continued to serve on the RTYPN board, started a company to connect millennials to career opportunities and am now striving to prevent workforce shortages in aviation.

Name three compelling characteristics of a Twenty under 40 Recipient:
I guess 3 is a magic number, but it takes more than three in my book. Let’s see – passion, perseverance, community. Bring on the challenges and let’s create opportunity!