Meet Reno-Tahoe YPN member Elise Leben.

Elise is a Coordinator, Entrepreneurial  Development/Operations with EDWAN.


1.      How long have you been in the area? I have been in Reno since I began college at The University of Nevada in 2013.

2.      What do you love about your business?  I love EDAWN because I get to make a difference in the Northern Nevada community by assisting startups and primary companies in the region. We also relocate companies from outside the region, thus, enhancing Reno/Tahoe/Sparks economic development.

3.      If I weren’t at work right now, I’d be…. Skiing or hiking in Lake Tahoe! I love to be outdoors with friends and family.

4.      To me, networking is about…. Meeting new people and learning through experiences.

5.      For new members- What do you want to get out of YPN? I want to meet more young professionals and learn more about Northern Nevada businesses and events. Since I recently graduated and joined the workforce full time, I want to network with new people.

6.    As young professionals in the area, we could enhance the community by … Inputting new ideas and not being afraid to go outside of our comfort zones.

7.      Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?  I could not go a day without music!  I am constantly listening to my Spotify and Pandora.